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Best Residential Architecture by A-cero

Out of the few residences that I have selected for the Best of Design blog, I have showcased two homes by A-cero – you’d think that they were my client or something! Unfortunately, they are not. But, fortunately for us, they continue to deliver some of the absolute best residential architectural designs. Period.

Modern residential architecture
Modern Home Design: Geometric Home
Concrete modern home
Modern Architecture: Top home

This modern home design is made of intersecting concrete blocks that connect on three levels, creating a bold geometric dwelling space that is accentuated by a unique delta view.

Residential Architectural Design
Unique Residential Architecture
Unique home design
Best modern residential architecture
Angular Architecture
Unique cubic angular architecture

The different levels of the home are connected by clean concrete stairs that each lead to floor-to-ceiling windows that expose the hilltop views.

Best interior architecture
Best interior architectual design
Best Interior Architecture
Best Modern Interior Architectural Design

The interior features two sprawling bedrooms, a full-sized gym, an indoor pool, a living area, an open kitchen space, a solarium to take in the views and a large terrace.

High-end indoor pool
Indoor pool design

The angles of the home, as with my previous post, are minimal but are so creatively put together that the home borders cubism in a way that respects tradition and ideas of modern architecture in Spain while lending a new edge to what can be done with basic materials: concrete and glass.

Modern architecture
Modern Architectural Design

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Residential architecture: angular minimalism design reinvented

A-cero Architectural Studio Designed Home

The Sotogrande House, designed by A-cero Architectural Studio, is perhaps one of the best examples of simple, angular designed residential architecture. The lines are characteristic of minimalist architecture,  but are offset by slopes and geometric slants that add surprising character to the typical design. Dare we say, this home is a reinterpretation of modern minimalism? Perhaps not, but this is surely the closest thing I’ve seen.

Entryway Architecture

Living With White explains: The architecture and design of this white vacation house truly sets itself apart. White plays the leading role throughout the spectacular interior which elevates each space and offers both play and contemplation. The drops of color here and there add charm and personality to the white interior. Once you get outdoors, the grand white architecture continues as the main attraction, where some greens and blues complement the great abode.

Outdoor seating area design

The rooftop takes lounging to a whole other level! The marble stairs are dreamy! There are simply so many magical touches to enjoy throughout.

White minimal interior design
High-end living room interior design

To learn more about this amazing home, please visit Living With White’s article, Sotogrande Vacation Home in Spain, or visit A-cero Architectural Studio.