You know I don’t post regularly on here — but when I do you know I’m posting the very best. It takes a lot to get my fingers going on this keyboard and to take the time to post about a product or company — but this amazing company, Modulo Cucine, has me pounding away as I marvel at their amazing and sleek, modern kitchen and cabinet designs. They are, to put it frankly, one of the best cabinet makers I have ever seen due to their reinterpretation of what it means to have a kitchen, bathroom or closet space. Turning a mundane sink, dishwasher, and cabinetry into a seamless living space that is as sleek as it is functional is not easy to accomplish — and Modulo Cicine makes it look easy.

Following are a few of their amazing cabinet and kitchen design:

best kitchen designs

modern cabinetry

ASPEN is a stunning, minimalist design that expresses a perfect harmony between technology and Italian design. Aluminum-framed cabinet faces feature tempered glass, either back-painted with color or bonded to any natural stone. Designs choices are limitless, and iron-free Starfire glass is 100% transparent over your selected color or stone.

modern kitchen design

SIDNEY offers minimally visible, recessed channels in place of traditional handles, and is available with organic curves in place of hard cabinet corners. SIDNEY is available in any matte or glossy lacquer color, as well as in wenge, zabrano or walnut.

high-end kitchen cabinets

EASY offers clean Italian design and sophistication in a price-conscious product. EASY is available in four engineered wood laminates, or four different glossy polymeric finish options. Engineered wood finishes come either smooth or sculpted.

modern kitchen

CITY is a flexible cabinetry system that features 5/8″ door panels with either handles or channels. CITY comes in a variety of wood veneer or lacquer finishes, including a satin lacquer that reveals the wood’s underlying texture.

kitchen cabinets

EXTRA’S sophisticate simplicity of integrated pulls on 1.1″ thick door panels creates an uninterrupted cadence of rich materials with or without bold frames. EXTRA is available in any matte or glossy lacquer, oak, wenge, or teak finish.

Modulo Cucine offers full kitchen, bathroom, and closet design and installation services for multi and single-family residential projects, hospitality, and mixed-use developments.

Not only are these kitchen cabinet designs world-class, they are also eco-friendly and sustainable. The company says is proud to let us know that:

▪   All of Doimo Cucine’s composite materials (MDF or plywood) have zero VOC emissions.

▪   All of Doimo Cucine’s finish lacquers, paints and finishes are no-VOC and water-based.

▪   All Doimo Cucine products qualify for an EC-1 Certificate toward LEED certification points.

▪   All kitchen components are non-toxic and easily recyclable after use.

▪   Doimo Cucine has a Forest Stewardship Certification, ensuring that all wood is harvested responsibly and from renewable species.

▪   The Doimo factory sends ZERO waste into landfills. All sawdust and other construction waste is recycled back into the products where possible or sent to be recycled into other products.

▪   All Doimo Cucine products are manufactured in and by companies that are ISO9001 certified, meaning that its factories pass globally-recognized standards for sustainability, ethical management and financial practices.

Tell me… Are these not some of the best kitchens and cabinets you’ve ever seen? In my book, Modulo Cucine, located at 8447 Wilshire Blvd., Ste 100 in Beverly Hills, CA is where kitchens and cabinets are being re-innovated, and changing the global landscape of kitchen designs.


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