Top 100 Architecture Firms in the US

Top Architecture Firms in the United States
Top 100 Architects and Architecture Firms – Dancing House by Frank Gehry

I have scoured the web for the most accurate list of the top 100 architects and architecture firms in the United States. For what seemed months, I came across too many lists of architects and firms that I felt didn’t encapsulate the industry. Until today. Following is a list of the top 100 architecture firms in the United States that I found on Architect Magazine‘s website. Having worked with a few of these architecture firms in the past, I can say that many notables from Robert A.M. Stern Architects and Moseley Architects to Kanner Architects and RBB Architects, every firm listed here belongs to it — and with great recognition. While there are many other architectural firms not on this list, which I definitely feel should be, the firms mentioned here are definitely the top 100 architectural firms you must know.

This list has been assembled based not only on the size of the company, but on three fundamental elements that are often overlooked: profitability, sustainability, and the aesthetic, design quality of their buildings and homes.

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Unforgettable bed designs

In ancient times (8000 BC), one could find rest at the end of a long workday on a pile of straw and a heap of palm leaves. It wasn’t until the ancient Egyptians that we begin to see the first beds that even closely resemble the sort of frames and raised surfaces that we see and enjoy today. Elite Egyptians had raised beds, accessible by steps with mounds of pillows to cozy into and curtains to hang around, and pharaohs and queens even had beds made of wood that were ornately carved with hieroglyphics. King Tutankhamun’s bed was gilded in gold.

King Tut’s Gold Gilded Bed

Needless to say,  we have come a very long way with designing beds. Following are some of the best bed designs on the market today. They reflect luxurious comfort, unique designs, innovative thinking and sheer genius. Just writing this makes me want to crawl into my own bed.

Atelier NYC Bridge Bed

Atelier brings us Bridge, a contemporary bed that offers exceedingly advanced quality, functionality, comfort and invention. This makes the best of interior design list because of its sleek reinterpretation of a familiar form, with added functionality. The headboards are completely adjustable and the minimal lines give the bed amazing architecture and a sinuous frame that is not only chic but peaceful. Living up to Atelier’s mission, this bed is all about lifestyle: for the late-night worker, who wants to crawl in bed, read, write on their laptop, cozy into a space and sleep. The mattress is aligned with the frame, so this bed isn’t one that you or your client would have to crawl out of — and it’s perfect for the busy city dweller who needs comfort and functionality. To learn more about this bed, and other beds by Atelier, please visit Atelier.

Cattelan Italia modern bed

All one has to do is glance at this bed to see exactly why it has made the best of interior design list. Inventive as it is conversational, this piece is sure to set-off a “wow-factor” from viewers. A perfect blend of serenity and contemporary design, one could easily get the sense that they’re floating away on this bed. Andrea Lucatello, the designer, created this modern art piece (yes, I am taking it that far) for Cattelan Italia, and clearly threw out limitations, antiquated ideas and put a new form on the market that is stylish without compromising quality or comfort.

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Hive Modern’s Globus Desk

Hive Modern's high-end office furniture
Hive Modern’s Globus high-end desk

Founded in 2002, Hive Modern presents the high-end design world with fresh forms and new designs that remind me, strikingly, of the sort of inventions that spurred the Bauhaus movement. Inspired by bringing interior designers never-seen-before designs and post-contemporary solutions, this Globus desk is nothing short of a complete reinterpretation of commercial and residential office design that rings as promising and as true as the company itself.

The Globus desk puts other office furniture to shame. It’s truly a compact personal mobile workstation that offers flexibility thanks to its rotating chair, the pull out table top and castors, so you can easily move it around, change location and work where ever you are most inspired to at the time. You can work with or without a notebook. Flexible and functional, Globus can be used in the office but also at home.

As Shelterrific’s Angela Matusik writes on her blog about not having an office space to work from: “My ideal desk would be something fun, engaging, and have a pretty hearty sense of humor (after all, who wants to work on at a serious, no-personality-required desk? Isn’t that why we all hate cubicles?). That’s why I love Hive Modern’s Globus desk . The nifty little pod snaps open to reveal a full corner office within.”

Modern desk
Globus desk when closed

Featured in these images, the shell is lacquered white with an aluminum cast base powder coated in aluminum structure. The seat is available in your choice of fabric or leather.

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Residential architecture: angular minimalism design reinvented

A-cero Architectural Studio Designed Home

The Sotogrande House, designed by A-cero Architectural Studio, is perhaps one of the best examples of simple, angular designed residential architecture. The lines are characteristic of minimalist architecture,  but are offset by slopes and geometric slants that add surprising character to the typical design. Dare we say, this home is a reinterpretation of modern minimalism? Perhaps not, but this is surely the closest thing I’ve seen.

Entryway Architecture

Living With White explains: The architecture and design of this white vacation house truly sets itself apart. White plays the leading role throughout the spectacular interior which elevates each space and offers both play and contemplation. The drops of color here and there add charm and personality to the white interior. Once you get outdoors, the grand white architecture continues as the main attraction, where some greens and blues complement the great abode.

Outdoor seating area design

The rooftop takes lounging to a whole other level! The marble stairs are dreamy! There are simply so many magical touches to enjoy throughout.

White minimal interior design
High-end living room interior design

To learn more about this amazing home, please visit Living With White’s article, Sotogrande Vacation Home in Spain, or visit A-cero Architectural Studio.