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This modern home, designed by  Guz Wilkinson of Guz Architects, a Singapore firm specializing in eco-friendly tropical homes, truly sets itself apart from other beach front properties with its creative and unique design that includes a feeling of unrestricted space, an underwater lounge, undulating roofs, and a unique use of bamboo and limestone.

Creative Architecture: Underwater room

The New York Times writes:

“I wanted to live in an open space, not a concrete monolith,” Stephen Fisher, owner of this amazing architectural space and a banker with J. P. Morgan, said.The design is simple: two glass-and-wood pavilions — one for living, one for sleeping — connected by a floating bamboo walkway, surrounding an ocean-facing infinity pool. Sliding glass panels allow views of water and sky from every room and can be opened for natural ventilation.

Eco-Friendly Architecture
Open Architecture Design
Best of Modern Architecture: Living Room with Coastal View

Not only stylish and sophisticated, the beach front home is eco-friendly, in perfect Guz Wilkinson style. Unique, undulating roofs are lined with solar panels that generate about a third of the energy the house consumes; grass planted on top provides insulation to optimize natural cooling and a spot for the couple to practice yoga at dawn. Sliding glass panels allow views of water and sky from every room and can be opened for natural ventilation, reducing the use of air conditioning in the often humid climate.

Top Architect Home Design

Read the full New York Times article, In Singapore, Embracing the Humidity.


3 thoughts on “Top Residential Architecture: Eco-Friendly Beach House by Guz Wilkinson

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    1. Of course you may! I am glad that you’ve enjoyed the post! The amazing architectural design of this house is simply stunning and I am glad that you will pass this on through your blog! 🙂

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