Luxury bathtub

Since 1989, Stone Forest has pushed the kitchen and bath design industry with its unique contemporary designs, sinuous forms, and unique approach to working with natural materials, including stone, bronze, bamboo, hardwood, copper and iron. While extending into using metals, their true specialty (if I may say so) is preparing some of the absolute best custom stone bathtubs.

bathtub design
Papillion Bathtub by Stone Forest

Featured here is the award-winning Papillon Bathtub. Featuring a sleek, elliptical shape, the tub is available in carrara marble, black granite, limestone, and silver travertine — and they’ve paired it here with the Infinity Pedestal Sink, available in carrara marble, black granite, and multi-colored onyx.

While contemporary, this bathtub is flexible to suite a variety of interiors. The organic form complimented with natural materials (particularly, the carrara marble! Wow!) sets a serene and peaceful stage where one could seemingly gaze into a mountain terrain. But, in black granite the bathtub takes on a chic look that’s perfect for modern lofts.

bathtub by Stone Forest
Bathtub by Stone Forest

To learn more about this bathtub, please visit their listing on Interior Design Magazine’s Product Finder, or Stone Forest’s website.


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