modern architecture

This Glass House joins our “Best of” list… And, it’s easy to see why! Worth $35 million, this home is surely the avant-garde of modern architecture and interior design. Designed by California-celebrated designer, Steve Hermann, the home was originally designed for himself — but after getting married and having a child, the creative genius decided that the 5 bedroom home no longer matched what he needed for his small family.

home design architecture

california home design writes:

“The Glass Pavilion is characterized with expansive glass walls and also white painted wall for exterior and interior. The two-storey house is sat in perfect space with green background. The ground floor served as a garage and also outdoor lounger, while the first floor is used for everyday’s activity. The living room is decorated with black sofa and a fireplace that could bring a warm atmosphere.”

glass home

Right beside it is where an outdoor patio located. Next to the living room is a dining and kitchen space that could fit for several persons. Even the bedroom and bathroom are composed with floor-to-ceiling glass window which make it so visible from the outside. This awesome glass house is for sale, so if you want to know more about it please visits here. [Photos by: Wm MacCollum]

modern bathroom

modern living room design

modern dining room

high-end kitchens


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