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Photo via Asp1re New Jersey

Hawk Nest is a high-tech equestrian home with every luxurious amenity one could possibly imagine. Scott Baxter, a serial entrepreneur, whose high-tech background includes founding Icon CMT Corporation, a leading Internet solutions provider, which sold in 1998 to Qwest Communications, helping launch Teoma Technologies, which was acquired by Ask Jeeves, and getting in on the ground floor as an investor in Google before the stock went public.

When looking to build the perfect horse farm in Bergen County New Jersey, he hired top residential architect, William Toth of Bol Architecture, and leading interior designer Frank DelleDonne. The goal: to build an updated reinterpretation of a tradition English country manor with state-of-the-art technology and the very best of design.

Design living room
Via the NY Times

The estate, which includes a “14,000-square-foot, seven-bedroom, seven-full and three-half-bath main house with adjacent guest quarters, stables, guest quarters, paddocks and a 14,000-square-foot indoor riding arena, took a talented team of architects, designers and craftsmen more than five years of planning, selecting, importing and installing. No amenity was overlooked. No corners were cut. No expense was spared,” writes “Only natural materials were used, unlike the fake, man-made, mass-produced imitations commonly used in construction today. Hawk Nest is faced in solid, square-cut granite, with window surrounds carved from real Indiana limestone and the Vermont slate roof plus copper-clad windows and doors that won’t rust, mean that the estate is virtually maintenance free.”

dining room design
Photo via Asp1re New Jersey

“At Hawk Nest, the architectural details dominate.” writes the New York Times. “The one-of-a-kind travertine fireplace in Mr. Baxter’s bedroom, which is ceiling height and weighs five tons (requiring its own foundation), was made in Italy, then shipped to the United States in pieces. The wood in the library, which resembles mahogany, is actually Lyptus, a eucalyptus hybrid. It requires a quarter of the land you need for mahogany, says Mr. Baxter, adding that he is a bit of an environmentalist.”

But, when looking for architectural hardware for this home, specifically nickel-plated latches to match the nickel-plated doorknobs, he became frustrated as he sought them out for months. Realizing that the architectural market couldn’t accommodate his need, he created his own high-end custom hardware company, SA Baxter, which is regarded as the world’s best architectural hardware manufacturer by design and architecture aficionados. Their high-end products include traditional and contemporary door hardware, cabinet hardware, and window hardware — but extend far beyond the realm of basic hardware to offering their affluent clientele a selection of solid bronze flooring and solid bronze doors.

To learn more about Hawk Nest and why it’s the best of design and architecture please visit the New York Times’ article, Like the Latches? Made ’em Myself, or visit Asp1re New Jersey’s article, A Stable Environment.


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